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Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. – 1 Thess 5:24

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The ministry of Revelation of H.E.E.M.M. was founded by Courtney Jackson, DDS, MME with the objective of following the will of God that a generation be prepared for translation, by Bible study, health education, evangelism, and international mission work.

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Dr. Jackson works with many other ministries assisting them since 1991 when he began doing mission work traveling with students to Mexico on monthly mission trips.



After watching the dental office he worked at in Los Angeles burn down during the L.A. Riots in 1992, he read the book The Great Controversy to better understand end time prophecies. After a wrestling match with the Holy Spirit he surrendered his plans to become a professional Formula 1 or Indy Car driver and focused on preparing spiritually for the Second Coming of Christ. After being asked to lead the afternoon church Bible study, he developed the Effective Bible Study and Spiritual Growth Plan available for download on the Documents Download page. This plan was developed after he himself was led by the Holy Spirit into deeper contextual personal Bible study and character development. Since 1993 he has been leading multiple weekly Bible studies and is eager to share what he has learned with others who are thirsting for the Word of Life. Dr. Jackson has lead Bible studies or taught classes at in Colombia at La Fundación Las Delicias and La Fundación Vida Superior.

In 2007 Dr. Jackson followed the call of the Lord to full-time commitment in the medical missionary work. Since 2005 Dr. Jackson has been working regularly in Colombia and Peru teaching Bible classes and health education.

If you would like to have Dr. Jackson present a particular topic or study at your church or group contact him at: