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All the following lifestyle programs should be used in conjunction with the plan given in the BIBLICAL NUTRITION plan also available on the Document Downloads page in Spanish. We do not diagnose or recommend treatments. These plans are simply guidelines to help provide nutritional support for specific areas of the body where nutrients maybe lacking.
UPDATED: July 14, 2016

Simple Cleansing, Maintenance and Strengthening Program

Intestinal cleansers should be taken first thing in the morning and just before going to bed. For increased effectiveness you can also take it during the day 1, 2 or 3 times for 2-3 months the first time but after that usually about a month of maintenance is good. Know your body and understand physiology and how many or how much toxins could be in your system and causing your condition. If you remove toxins and put in sufficient nutrients and follow the 8 Laws of Health, you will have health.

Sonne’s 7
Liquid Bentonite Clay - take 1 Tbsp with about 8 oz of water or mix with your fiber cleanser

No Enema Bowel Cleanser(if you would like to make it yourself)
Psyllium 1 lb.
Alfalfa 1/3 lb.
Slippery Elm 1/3 lb.
Apple Pectin 1/3 lb.
Mandrake(Stronger) 3 Tbsp or Senna(Preferable if your condition is not serious) these herbs move the bowels)
Agar Agar 1/3 lb.
Mix together and take one Tbsp. in 4 oz. of juice. Shake up drink all of it right down.

AIM Herbal Fiberblend
Take 1 Tbsp just before bed and at rising.
Can be purchased at Clark’s in Loma Linda, Riverside or Chino about $45 or call me if you want to order it and need it shipped to you. 909-557-5618
~ Has a very bitter taste but is very powerful. I travel with this on all my mission trips and have to use it everytime to prevent diarrhea. People around me eat bad food so I always have it to share with them, at the very least you can help keep the people around you well.
Eat normal during the day or utilize while you’re fasting.

Eat a good handful of
Cilantro or Parsley raw or placed in your cooked food everyday put in at the last minute then turn of the stove/fire. It can also be added to you green juice.

Things to avoid: processed foods, meat or dairy products, chemicals of any kind, additives, preservatives in your foods, even vitamin and mineral supplements can be harmful.
No white rice
No white flour or flour products
No refined sugar
No cooking and eating foods cooked with or in oil(toxins are captured or store in your fat)

Blend up one whole Lemon(peel, seeds, pulp) and drink this every day.

Optional flavor enhancers:
You can add 1 Turkish fig or dates to help with the sharp flavor. They are quite sweet so keep in mind the less extra concentrated sugar you take in, the faster you restore your body functions to their optimum and allow your body to repair damaged structures
One small hand grasp of a some raw nuts, Cashews, Almonds, Spanish Peanuts, Brazil, etc. helps smooth out the flavor
Also berries are a great mixture to help with the strong acidy flavor, Cherries, Grapes, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc.
A peeled orange can be used to help sweeten without the sugar of dried fruits
Grapefruit also can be used with some seeds and peel included
Kiwi and other fruit should also can be considered, be creative and research what are the benefits of the different fruits and use them to your advantage
The Vitamin C content is a powerful boost to your bodies immune system and reparative capabilities

Consider the things above options/not necessities but the Lemon is the standard requirement for cleansing the liver, detoxing your body, strengthening your tissues and structures, balancing your pH/alkalinizing your body. A Lemon has 30,000 times the power or chemotherapy. So it is also a powerful preventative supplement to your daily nutrition.

Courtney’s Favorite Superpower Juice
5 lbs of Organic Carrots
5 Organic Beets
3-5 Organic Sweet Potatoes
This makes about 2 Quarts and should be drunk within 48 hours of pressing it

Root & Green Power Juice
5 lbs of Organic Carrots
5 Organic Beets
1 Bunch of Greens
Study nutrient contain of the different greens and learn which vitamins and minerals are most needed in your condition. Collards, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, etc.

The sugar content of Carrots and Beets is significant. If you’re not able you can juice greens without the sweet root vegetables and for some this is preferable long term if needed. I do not recommend using Apples with your vegetable juice. Fruits with fruits only and Vegetables with vegetables only is what God asked us to do.

If your wanting something more pleasurable but without all the sugar and cannot use the root vegetables. Alternate a vegetable green juice and a fruit juice(grapefruit, kiwi, berries, oranges, etc.)

Your Schedule: for taking your juices would be at least 30 minutes before a meal and 2 hours after a meal. And separate your juices(16 oz) by 1 1/2 hours.

For supplementing even more nutrients prepare sprouts regularly and eat a handful everyday.

Lentils, Alfalfa, Soybeans, etc.

As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of (lifestyle)conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man's work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear: Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot. I Peter 1:14-19.
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7 Day Super Cleanse
Times can be changed to suit your schedule. Remember to leave 1½ hour between the cleansing drink and the power drink.

NOTE: One day before your cleansing program begins, ones diet should consist of raw fruits in the morning, raw or steamed vegetables at noon, and an optional meal in the evening of fruit or vegetable broth. Before going to bed, take the cleansing drink. During the seven-day cleanse, only ingest power juice drink and cleansing drink. Do a colon irrigation on the 5
th , 6th , and 7th day. On the 7-day, discontinue the power juice drink; and continue herbal cleanser with water for an additional three days, (only twice daily).

Potassium Broth (Optional to be used in case of hunger, need for energy, by the 3rd day or so.)

* Blend 1 cup of raw rolled oats with 3 cups of water. Strain the liquid and use this liquid as a base in which to cook vegetables. Vegetables to be added to the liquid base include 1 white potato, 2 stems of celery, 1/3 to 1 whole onion, 3 carrots, and a handful of parsley. VEGETABLES SHOULD BE CHOPPED, BUT DO NOT CHOP THE VEGETABLES FINE. Cook vegetables in liquid base until carrots and potatoes are soft enough to be mashed. (it is not necessary to mash the vegetables.) Strain the liquid and drink the broth
(do not eat the solid pulp eat the broth only). It may be necessary to add more water. Season with onion granules, garlic granules, basil and a little salt.

Breaking the fast after a week of cleansing (Optional)

st day-eat JUST fruit for breakfast. Eat a small salad for dinner.
nd day-eat fruit for breakfast (for dinner you can have millet, grains, rice, or oatmeal). Small salad and one steamed vegetable w/zwieback (bread twice toasted).
rd day-Fruit and cereal (No Nuts). Regular supper can have bread or zwieback (preferred). (Not proteins until day 5)
4th day- eat a regular breakfast and supper. (No Nuts).
th day-have regular meal, with the addition of nuts and seeds.

NOTE: Upon finishing the seven day cleanse take milk free soy based acidophilus as suggested on bottle. This puts the friendly bacteria back into your colon, for healthy intestinal flora.

Cleansing Drink

4 oz. Apple or Grape juice
1 tsp. Herbal Cleanser
(if its in capsule or tablet form take 2 of either)
1 Tbsp. Liquid Bentonite clay
(Sonne’s 7)
1 tsp. Psyllium Husk Powder
(add this last to herbal cleansing
drink, as it will gel quickly)drink an 8oz.
glass of water following the cleansing drink.

Power Juice Drink

1 Heaping tsp. Of Barley green
and some fresh vegetable juice
(8 oz. Carrot, 2oz. Beets, 2oz. spinach, 2oz. celery can be
substituted. (14 oz. Cup)
(Parsley can be used as a substitute for spinach)

Cleansing Drink Times


Power Drink Times
1:00 pm

Things needed for program:

Herbal Cleanser (bowel cleanser) Recommended: AIM HERBAL FIBERBLEND
Grape or apple juice
(lactobacillus milk free sugar free acidophilus)
Psyllium husk powder
Distilled water
(15 to 30 gallons for colema)
Green powder (barley green/ kyo-greens/ greens plus/ barley essence.
Liquid Bentonite (Sonne’s 7)
Liquid Chlorophyll

Potassium Broth ingredients (Irish potatoes, onion, carrot, parsley, celery rolled oats).
Garlic 2 bulbs

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From time immemorial, there have been numerous special cures for colds. People have an idea that they catch colds. This is far from the case, as the truth is that man first produces the material in which the cold develops, and this material goes into the various parts of the body, including the nasal cavities. If this material was not placed there, he would never have a cold at all, just as mosquitoes could not breed without breeding places. This mucous deposit is made up of all the wastes from the excess of foods which are consumed, excesses which the body cannot use and cannot dispose of in a natural manner, and hence are put away in convenient pockets in the body. Then any lowering of the body health level may cause inflammation in the mucous membrane, or this inflammation may be simply caused by this increasing deposit of waste matter. In any event, the body attempts to unload this excess mucous, and this unloading is called a COLD.

When the cause is known, is it not more sensible to help the body to cleanse out this unwanted mucous, rather than try to suppress it? If it is not cast from the body, it may do a great deal more harm than to cause a runny nose, sniffles, or a cough. After all, a cough is merely one method that the body has to bring wastes from the chest area so it can be eliminated from the body by way of the mouth.

Rather than trying to suppress the symptoms that are causing the distress, it is much better to try the following:

The moment you feel the first symptoms of a cold STOP EATING AT ONCE.

1. Drink six to eight glasses of warm lemon water daily.
2. Take an enema every night. Also take a very hot Epsom salt bath, using about 2 pounds of Epsom salt in the bath water, for about fifteen minutes. Then dry and go directly to bed being careful to keep warm.

What You Can Do?

For Cough, Sore Throat, Asthma, Bronchitis and all Lung problems, wheezing, and fluid on lungs:

Mix 1/2 cup horseradish, 1/2 cup chopped garlic, 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/2 tsp. cayenne, 1/3 tsp. peppermint oil, one cup honey, puree in a blender and take 1/2 tsp. as needed.

(use for colds & flu)

Garlic 2 bulbs chopped
Vitamin C 15,000 mg.
Lemon juice 3 chopped whole with the peel/rind
Grapefruit 1 chopped with the peel/rind
Juice of 2 fresh squeezed Oranges
Cayenne 1 tsp.
Onions 2 whole chopped
Put all of the above in a blender and puree it

Then add antibiotic herbs:(you may substitute a number of other herbs according to your preference, learn the qualities and properties of herbs and use what is most agreeable to your physiological need)
Echinacea 1/2 cup
Yarrow 1/3 cup
Possible alternative herbs: Pau D’Arco, Astragalus, Reishi Mushroom, Oregon Grape Root, (powerful but bitter)Goldenseal or Chaparral, etc.


Garlic is generally not prescribed by the medical profession in the form that the world’s greatest chemist created it. When God created the Herbs for man, He made garlic to contain a volatile oil with Allicin, diallylsulfide and other sulfides.

Therapeutic Benefits of Garlic

1. Fight infection.
2. Cancer-preventative chemicals.
3. Thins the blood.
4. Reduces blood pressure.
5. Stimulates the immune system.
6. Relieves bronchitis.
7. Expectorant and decongestant.

Facts About Garlic

The National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD, contains about 125 scientific papers on garlic published since the 1800's. Garlic retards heart disease, stroke, cancer and a wide range of infections.

In 1944, a chemist named Chester J. Cavallito, identified garlic’s smelly compound, Allicin as an antibiotic. Tests even found raw garlic more powerful than penicillin and tetracycline.

In 1987, Tarig Alodullah, MD. revealed that garlic dramatically augmented the powers of the immune system. This research was done at Akbar Clinic and Research Center in Panama City, Florida.


WHAT IT IS-This is not a contrast bath for the feet, as described in the previous therapy (“Contrasts Baths”), but a continuous bath in hot water.
HOW IT CAN HELP YOU-When the feet are placed in hot water, the excess blood which is congesting other parts of the body is brought to the legs and feet. This helps the entire blood circulation in the body, and relieves congestion in the brain, lungs, abdominal and pelvic organs. The blood is shifted from one part of the body to another, and the entire body is helped.
The Hot Foot Bath also helps to ward off infection and sickness in cold weather, when one is beginning to catch a cold, sore throat, etc. The body has become chilled, and a hot foot bath warms the entire body and stimulates the circulation.
Lastly, when an individual is nervously fatigued, the feet are generally cold and the blood circulation is poor and unequal. A hot foot bath will relieve the nervous tension, lessen congestion in the brain, and balance the circulation.
Thus, the Hot Foot Bath can prevent or shorten colds, relieve headaches, stimulate the circulation when the feet are cold, relieve pelvic cramps and chest and pelvic congestion, stop nosebleed, aid relaxation, and prepare one for a cold water treatment (such as a cold shower, etc.)
WHAT YOU WILL NEED-A foot tub or similar container large enough and deep enough,-such as a five-gallon can, large mouthed bucket, or deep dishpan. Thermometer to test the water, or test it with your elbow (103˚-110˚ F.). Bath towel. Teakettle or pan for boiling water. Basin of cold water. Pitcher or dipper to add hot water. Two blankets to wrap about him. Cold compress (hand towel wrung out of cold water), if needed for the neck. Floor or bedding protection (rubber sheeting, plastic, or newspaper).
PITCHER OF DRINKING WATER: The person receiving this therapy should drink at least one glass of water during the therapy or as needed 2 or 3 glasses
HOW TO APPLY IT - (See picture on page 118.)
1- The room should be warm with no drafts. Place the plastic, with towel over it, on the floor under the feet. Fill the foot tub with water (about 104˚ F.) so that the ankles are fully covered. Test with the thermometer or your elbow.
2- Instruct him beforehand as to what you are going to do. Place his feet in the tub and cover him with the blanket. (If he is sitting up, wrap him well.) If he is lying down, do not let the calf of his leg touch the foot tub.
3-Slowly add hot water to increase the temperature up to 112˚ or 115˚ F. Pour the water against the inside of the tub, with your hand between the flowing water and his feet, stirring the water as it is added.
4-Continue the bath for 10-30 minutes, depending on the effect desired. Keep his head cool with a cold compress. A cold head compress is especially important if the foot bath is continued for any length of time, or if he is in a sitting position, and always if there is a tendency to faintness.
5-When the feet are removed from the hot water, pour a dash of cold water over them quickly. This cold water should come in contact with both the dorsal (side) and plantar (bottom) surfaces of the feet. In some cases, the cold water is omitted.
6-Quickly place the feet on the towel and remove the foot tub. Dry the feet well, especially between the toes. If he is perspiring, dry him thoroughly with a towel. CAUTION-Do not give a Hot Foot Bath to one who has hardening of the arteries of the feet, or if there is a loss of skin sensation (no sense of feeling) in the feet, or those with diabetic neuropathy.

A simple therapy one a do for themselves is a Hot & Cold Contrast Shower.
Simply take a shower a hot as you can bear for 3 minutes. Then turn the water to cold as you can bear for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3-4 times which give you a total shower time of about 15 minutes. Then dry off and immediately lie down and sleep for at least 30 minutes.
~An alternative to this shower is below

Simply take a shower as hot as you can handle for 10-15 minutes then end with 30 seconds - 1 minute cold.

Please consult your Physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Cold & Flu Remedies

God Heals Arthritis

Cause of Health Problem:
Arthritis – Arth (joint); it is (inflammation).  An inflammatory condition of the joints. Joints of the body are found at the knees, wrist, elbows, fingers, toes, hips, and shoulders. The neck and back also have joints between the bones of the spine. This condition has a variety of causes. The causes can be identified as an obstruction in the body of acids and waste material.  Exposure to wet and cold increases the pain and suffering. An improper diet fills the system with uric acid and toxins, which the liver, kidneys, and bladder are not able to eliminate.
There are many forms of arthritis – rheumatoid and osteo, gout, bursitis, ankylosing spondylitis )arthritis of the spine, a variety of rheumatoid arthritis) and pyorrhea, also called arthritis of the teeth.
Osteoarthritis (OA):
A condition that involves the deterioration of the cartilage. It affects people in their fifties and sixties, and causes bony spurs and nodes in the hands, knees an spine. When OA is experienced, the cartilage in the joints is destroyed, and the bone underneath is exposed. Small pieces of the cartilage remain in the joint. They become calcified and stick out above the surface of the joint.  When these bony spurs get big, they may rub against each other an cause pain an keep us from moving the joints.  Sometimes the joint is fused with scar tissue and it won’t move at all.
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA):
Usually strikes people in their thirties and fortes.  An inflammatory condition that attacks the synovial membranes surrounding the lubricating fluid in the joints. This causes the cartilage and tissues in and around the joints and often the bone surfaces to be destroyed. The body in its’ attempt to replace this damaged tissue causes the spaces between the joints to become narrow, to develop fold, and to fuse together. The entire body is affected instead of just one joint as in osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis creates stiffness, swelling, fatigue, anemia, weight loss, fever, and often crippling pain.
A condition which deposits of uric acid stack up in and near the joints. This keeps the joints form being well lubricated. Many more men than women have gout. Certain foods form acid crystals, which accumulate in large masses around joints. Some of these foods are fish and shell fish, sausage and all flesh meats and meat products such as gravy, meat soups and meat sauces. Also junk foods; sweets of all kinds; pie, cake, ice cream; and even spices and spicy foods. A high protein diet is also a contributing factor.
Stiff, painful joints when you wake up in the morning. Pain and tenderness in any joint at any time. Swelling of the joints are characteristic. Pain and stiffness in the lower back, knees and other joints. Tingling sensation in the finger tips, hands and feet. Fever, weakness, tired feeling, and in some cases loss of weight.
Known Contributing Factors:
Foods that fill the system with uric acid such as high protein foods are: all meats, eggs, cheese, cows milk, nuts and roasted nut butters, high intake of dry beans, gluten products, sugar and sugar products, fried foods, caffeine, alcohol tobacco, candies, and soft drinks. It can be said that arthritis is a nutritional deficiency disease due to the cells that form tissues surrounding the joints which have become injured. They cannot be repaired because one or more vitamins, minerals or amino acids needed for repair are missing. Also, an insufficient amount of hydrochloric acid will assure the conversion of proteins to amino acids, which are needed to strengthen muscles and to make mucus to lubricate the joints. The acid will also dissolve the calcium and send it to the blood stream, then to the bones and teeth where it belongs. If calcium is not dissolved, it will be deposited in the joints. Distress is a contributing factor. This affects the adrenal glands.
Habits that Need to be Changed:
Daily lifestyle habits; such as eating patterns, exercise, mental, emotional, and spiritual attitudes need strengthening. Also improper dressing must be corrected to ensure a balance of circulation throughout the entire system. Exposed arms and legs due to short sleeves or no sleeves, sandals, shorts or short skirts can lead to arthritic symptoms. Irregular hours of sleeping must be corrected. Adequate sleep and rest is essential for recharging the nervous system.
Applying God’s Plan:
The following is a suggested outline lifestyle and nutritional plan for helping the body in re-establishing conditions in the system.

1. Godly Trust:
An abiding faith in a loving God will help you rest as well. Rest your life in His hands. He has made every provision to forgive every sin and cleanse every sinner of all our past mistakes. Ask Him. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Matthew 7:7, 8.

You will not have complete healing unless you resolve to accept the grace and blessing of the love, the forgiveness of God for whatever you have done and in addition forgive all unconditionally who have hurt or injured you. Holding resentment, bitterness, anger, hostility, unforgiveness, hatred towards another person dries up the bones. “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 16:24; 17:22.

The Lord God has also put Himself on record in the Bible that He will keep us from sinning and help us obey His laws from love, if we will only “be willing to be made willing.” He wants us to work our minds so that we want to do right, as well as to supply us with power so that we will, indeed, obey Him. His laws are really promises. Every promise that He has made by way of a law, is part of our inheritance.(Deuteronomy 33:4; Galatians 3:17-19) In order to start obtaining our inheritance from the heavenly Father, we must be “born again” or be adopted into His family.  We then have the right to go by prayer to His throne in the courts of heaven and present our request to Jesus, the Executor-Mediator, of the estate. If we go by faith after repentance and dedication to Him, the request will be freely granted if our request is according to the “will” of God.
Jesus said in His prayer for the disciples: “Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven….” You in like manner have the blessing of God in your life as you live by this.
2. Open Air:
Pure fresh air is very important. That means good air with negatively ionized particles from forests and oceans.  Breathe deeply as part of your exercises and also exercise to the point of increased need for deeper respirations will be a big help.  Do not smoke tobacco or breathe second-hand smoke.  Avoid smog and all chemicals, cleaning solutions, solvents, paint removers, insect sprays, deodorants, hair dyes, disinfectants, pest strips, etc.
3. Daily Exercise:
“Conditioning” exercise is what you need. This type of exercise that will increase your endurance gradually.  You may use three things to help you guide yourself in the intensity that you exercise:
Guide (1) Learn what your safe ten-second pulse rate for your age should be during exercise. Learn how to count your ten-second-pulse beat and exercise up to that degree.
Guide (2) Exercise to the intensity that you are barely able to carry on a conversation with someone as you exercise.
Guide (3) If you should develop chest pain during exercise, stop at that point. 

Follow the advice of your physician and consult with a personal trainer.
Exercise a minimum of 20-30 minutes at the peak of endurance daily if at all possible, at least every other day.  The body force seem to “escape” from good condition rather easily, 1 or 2 days a week is not enough though you must start with at least that if your are not active at all.
Walking is good exercise. Act your age – use a walking stick for stability and for protection against stray dogs if you need it. Do not over do anything.
Begin a program of walking on the first day.  Walk as far as is comfortable, gradually work up to 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Take two baths in purest water possible without soap daily, dry brushing the skin before each shower or bathe with a stiff brush, this will enhance circulation.
Take deep breathing exercises three times daily; breathing in as deeply as deeply as possible and holding to the count of twenty, breathing out as deeply as possible and holding out to the count of ten. Repeat this exercise twenty times, always in fresh air.  MAINTAIN GOOD POSTURE, STANDING, SITTING, LYING. Use your diaphragm.
Range of motion exercises are very beneficial to keep the joints functioning.
Massage when appropriate to aid in the circulation of the blood equally throughout the system for relieving pain.
Use the following linaments for relieving pain and to help remove toxins from the affected areas:8 oz. of cold pressed peanut oil mixed with 5-6 freshly squeezed strained lemon juice. Shake well before each use and apply 1-2 times daily on affected area.

OR  8 oz. of witch hazel or wintergreen oil
     4 oz. pure olive oil
        4-6 Tablespoons of cayenne pepper
Mix all the above – Shake well – Use as needed. Do not use this when the area is inflamed.
4. Sunshine:
Sunshine has several benefits to the body. It furnishes the natural vitamin D and helps to lower cholesterol. The vitamin D that is produced through the process of the sun aids in calcium assimilation in the body. Sunlight increases the volume of oxygen in the blood. Start with 10 – 15 minutes exposure to the face and hands daily up to 30 – 45 minutes daily. The body stores the vitamin D readily for over a week. The best times for sunbathing are the hours between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Avoid burning. Also, to avoid the risk of skin cancer; reduce the free fat intake, such as oils, margarine and other foods of this nature. Do not cook with free oil at all.
5. Plenty of Rest:
Get adequate restful sleep. A light supper will help. Try to avoid stressful circumstances.  Establish good habits and this will help. Anyone familiar with “jet lag” knows how well the body works with habits. A relaxing soak in warm water may help you unwind enough after a stressful day so that you will not need that harmful sleeping pill. Regular times for going to bed and rising will also help. The best time to go to bed is between 9:00 – 9:30 p.m. and no later.
6. Lots of Water:
The body needs water for optimal function. Drink daily eight to ten glasses of pure, distilled water, and more if you sweat much. This will help your endurance. Carry a supply with you. Drink water on arising, between meals, but early enough before bedtime so that you do not have to get up from sleep to empty your bladder. Upon rising, drink 2 glasses at room temperature with a freshly squeezed lemon in it. For external use take warm baths with 8 oz. of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar mixed in, soak for 30 – 45 minutes. Drink pure water – distilled is best.
7. Always Temperate:
Live by the clock, especially during the first month, keeping all things on schedule as much as possible: meals, bedtime, arising, physical hygiene, study, work, prayers, etc. Avoid all tea, coffee, soft-drink beverages, and alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Use pure water instead of these various injurious beverages. Avoid overeating even good foods – be moderate in the good foods and drinks. Hard work doesn’t kill anyone, but over work does. If your overweight, weight reduction is essential.

8. Nutrition:
The aim of the diet is to help you (1) eat no refined foods; (2) select proper foods for adequate intake of balanced amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements; (3) choose types of nutrients which will help you lose weight as needed and cleat the body of excess cholesterol and other unwanted materials that cause degeneration of the tissues.  Therefore, we use the following rules:
1. No refined foods:
No oil, margarine, shortening.
No sugar, syrup, or free starch.
No white bread, white rice, or de-germinated corn meal.
No meat substitutes—gluten or soy types.
2. No animal products:
No meat, fish or fowl.
No eggs or egg yolk
No milk products – milk, cheese, cream, ice cream, etc.
3. Special items NOT allowed:
No alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, cola drinks or sodas.
No sprayed, sulfured, or canned (in meal) fruit.
No canned or frozen juices.
No peanuts or peanut butter.
No sprayed or canned vegetables. When fresh vegetables are not available, frozen are preferable to canned.
No night shades: (green peppers, eggplants, white potatoes). These contain a toxin called solanine. This interferes with enzymes in the muscles, and may cause pain and discomfort. These foods may not affect every individual, therefore, you must experiment and see.
4. The allowed foods are:
Note: All food should be fresh, unspoiled, “organically grown” in so far as possible. The object is to avoid insecticides and other sprays as well as to get produce with the best balance of trace minerals from the soil. Pesticide inhibit regular bone remineralization especially in Bell Peppers and Berries.
All fruits, preferably fresh & organic. Second choice canned in glass with fruit juice or water packed.
All greens, especially cabbage, broccoli, turnip greens, mustard greens, collard, or kale. Use spinach, chard, or beet greens sparingly because of oxalate content.
All herbs that are mild.
All legumes (beans, peas, lentils, and garbanzos).
All whole grains. You need two kinds daily plus a legume to get optimal balance of amino acids.
Nuts in moderation. The better ones are the non-tropical nuts such as almonds, filberts, pecans, and walnuts.
5. All nutritional needs on a
PREVENTIVE type diet can be secured from daily servings of the food listed below:
                        A citrus fruit plus another fruit.
                        A yellow vegetable such as carrots, etc.
                        A green vegetable, greens or herbs
                        A legume
                        Two types of whole grains
                        Tubers and nuts may be added as desired by the appetite
THERAPEUTIC Diet:  Fasting
Fast for two days at the beginning of the course.  Drink 10 glasses of water daily.
Day Three:       Breakfast of juice
                        (freshly squeezed)         10 – 12 ounces
Day Four:         Breakfast-
                        Raw fruit                                  2 servings
                        Dry, 100% whole grain bread(w/o additives & preservatives) 1 serving
                        Raw fruit or vegetables 2 servings
                        100% whole grain bread(w/o additives & preservatives)          1 slice
                        Supper – Omit
Day Five:          Breakfast-
                        Fruit meal (according to meal planner)
                        Vegetable meal (according to meal planner)
                        Supper – Omit
Day Six:           Begin maintenance diet
Refer back to #5 for the recommended diet to prevent disease.
7. Food supplements:
Note: These are necessary because of the depletion of trace elements in our soil. Also, many patients have malabsorption of key nutrients when debilitated from a chronic ailment such as Arthritis.
A. Do not take iron supplements, for this will cause pain, swelling, and joint destruction.
B. Alfalfa tea or tablets (8 a day). How to make the tea: Heat for 30 minutes (but do not boil), one ounce of untreated alfalfa seed and two and a half cups of water. Strain well. Make one day’s supply only, and store in the refrigerator. Mix with an equal amount of water and drink four glasses a day, 1 hour before meals, (Do not drink cold, warm the drink to room temperature).

C. Arthritis herbal formula to aid the body in eliminating uric acid:
Herbal formula – Capsules containing Yucca or Devil’s Claw – 3-4 capsules, 3 times a day. –Or- Yucca powder combine equally with Devil’s Claw and Chaparral powder – put into vegetable capsules – 3 capsules 3 times a day or make a tea and drink 3-4 times a day without any sweetener.

How to make herb tea: To make 4 cups – boil 4 cups of water, remove from heat – add 4 teaspoons of herbal mixture to water, let steep 15-20 minutes, let cool, strain, and drink.
D. Evening Primrose oil to help relieve pain: 2 capsules twice a day
E. High calcium foods – such as green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, Molasses, dried figs, dates, raisins, and sea vegetation.
F.  Low phosphorus diet: If one eats and drinks too much phosphorus, calcium is withdrawn from the bones. Such foods as: sugar-free drinks, cheese, ice cream, snack foods such as potato chips, crackers, and soft drinks.
G. High vitamin C foods, such as kale, alfalfa sprouts, parsley, collards, turnips, mustard greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, acerola cherries, oranges, lemons, and grapefruits.
8. Special instructions:
                                      Cook in stainless steel, corning ware, or pyrex glass
                                      No aluminum cookware
                                      No microwave
                                      No pressure cooking
                                      No “irradiated” produce
9. General rules for good digestion are as follows: Eat slowly; chew your food thoroughly, to allow the saliva to mix with the food.

Avoid liquids with meals. These decrease the flow of saliva with its digestive enzymes.
                  +             Cooked Grain – such as one of the following:
Brown Rice
Rolled Oats
                       +             Fresh Fruits: - Select 2-3 kinds – especially Tart Apples, Cherries, fresh Pineapple, Bananas
                       +             Fruit Sauce or Spread: - Mix 2 fruits in a blender-for sweetener add raisins or dates – (If diabetic or hypoglycemia do not eat dried fruits – omit)
                       +             Almonds: 8-10
                       +             Sunflower Seeds: - or pumpkin seeds, or sesame seeds – 1 Tablespoon
                       +             Grain or nut milk – (optional)
                                                How to make milk:
                                                Grain milk: millet or brown rice
                                                1 Cup of cooked grains
                                                2-3 Cups of water – (The amount determines the thickness)
Blend in blender – salt to taste
Nut milk:
1 Cup raw nuts or seeds
2-3 Cups of water – (The amount determines the thickness)
Blend until liquid.  Salt to taste.
Cooked Grain: One of the following: 
Brown Rice

Whole Grain Pasta
                                   +           Steamed Green: vegetables or cooked fresh peas or beans
                                   +           Salad dressing: Lemon juice
                                                            Sunflower Seed Dressing:
                                                            Whiz in blender until very creamy:
                                                            1 2/3 C. water
                                                            1 tsp. salt (optional)
                                                            ½ tsp. garlic powder
                                                            1-C. sunflower seeds
                                                            1/3-C. lemon juice, Fresh is best.
                                   +           Bread – Whole Grain – Optional

Very light – Five hours before bedtime
                            +       Zwieback whole grain bread
                                      Fruit Salad and Bread
Fruit Smoothie


1-lb. Organic Tofu mashed
1T. Onion powder
4 T. Brewer’s yeast flakes
1 T. Garlic powder
1/8 t. Turmeric
½ t. Sea salt or to taste
1 Cup Lindsay Green Homestyle Olives

Cook in pan with a small amount of water, enough to keep from sticking, until all flavors are blended and food is hot. CAN BE SERVED WITH VEGETABLE BLEND & BROWN RICE.

*chop vegetables according to your serving size need
Swiss Chard
1/2 Onion
8 Cloves of Garlic
Sea Salt to taste
Stir fry in water without oil only 5-10 minutes. Serve with Brown Rice alone or with Tofu above.
Serve with Diced Avocados on top.

*chop vegetables according to serving size need
Swiss Chard
1/2 Onion
8 Cloves of Garlic
Sea Salt to taste
Stir fry in water without oil only 5-10 minutes. Serve with Brown Rice alone or with Tofu above.
Serve with Diced Avocados on top.

GREENS for Building Bones
1 Bunch Each of:
Collard Greens
Swiss Chard
5 Stems of Celery
1/2 Onion
8 Gloves of Garlic
1 T Sea Salt to taste
Chopped up greens with stems and all. Add adequate water and bring to a boil for 5-10 minutes.

1 c. Blanched Almonds
4 c. water
2 t. lemon rind
1 t. sea salt
1/3 c. maple syrup
In a small pot of boiling water put a cup of raw almonds for about 1 1-1/2 minutes. Afterward, cool with cold water, and then take the skin off of the almonds. Blend all ingredients into 2 c. of water until smooth, and then add the remaining water. Use for cereals.

Click To Download:
Arthritis Diet

Lifestyle Program
A Simple Program for enhancing neural function and preventing mental degeneration.

Have 1 glass 12-16 oz per day of an organic vegetable juice daily: Beets, Carrots, Yams
For Removal of Adipose Tissue(Fat)
Equal parts of Celery & Cucumber with 3 to 4 oz of Aloe Vera(200 nutrients)
1st Week 1 glass of juice per day
2nd Week 2 glasses of juice per day
3rd Week 3 glasses of juice per day
4th Week 4 glasses of juice per day
At this point your body will have begun chelation: meaning the toxins, heavy metals, etc. will be grabbed and removed from the body.
~This will enhance Brain function, liver, kidney, etc
~Adding raw Cilantro and/or Parsley a liberal handful chopped over your cooked food helps with removing toxins

During Week 3
~Have a Berry Juice everyday: Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Blackberries, Cranberries, Vitamin C - Put all this in a blender, this cleanses and helps repair tissue

IN YOUR VARIOUS DISHES Add plenty of Fiber with:
Steel Cut Oats
Beans(especially Kidney)
Apples with the skin
Jerusalem Artichoke
50 Grams per day as well as some fiber before you sleep at night for de-toxing


Use AIM - Herbal Fiber Blend or put together your own NO ENEMA BOWEL CLEANSER(recipe below) along with Liquid Bentonite Clay(Sonne’s No. 7)

No Enema Intestinal Cleanser:
Psyllium 1 lb.
Alfalfa 1/3 lb.
Slippery Elm 1/3 lb.
Apple Fiber 1/3 lb.
Agar agar 1/3 lb.
Mandrake 3 Tsp.

Mix all together and take one Tbsp. in 4 oz. of juice. Note: Shake five times before drinking. First thing in the morning.

Also squeeze 1/2 Lemon and add juice to 8 oz. of water and drink in the morning

Red Fruit
Blood Orange
Pink Grapefruit

Burdock Root
Buckthorn Berry
Berry Juices

Salad - Everyday have a raw bowl of these nutritious vegetables
Enhance flavor with: Beets, Carrots, Jicama, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Fennel

Pine Nuts
Raw Pistachios
~these have fats that protect the heart and enhance Brain function, lignans, etc.

Oils for Salad or Cold on Bread w/Garlic
Evening Primrose

  • After toasting your 100% Whole Grain bread take a raw clove of Garlic and rub it on the bread similar to grating something, then pour on a little of one of the oils above, cold and you will have a delightful simple healthy Garlic Bread

Brain Booster
1 large tart apple
1 cup cashew nuts
2 Tbs. olive oil
4 Tbs. Gotu Kola
Mix all together, place in blender and blend until smooth. Chill. Serve on whole wheat bread or crackers.

Cllick Here to download as a PDF:
Brain Foods


This condition is most often found among the older or middle-aged, and has most distressing symptoms, such as dizziness, pounding in the head, headaches, and general feeling of nervousness. It is found more frequently among the overweight than among those of normal or subnormal weight, as the blood has to be pumped through a much greater area in the former case, thus putting a greater strain on the heart.

In high blood pressure, there is a thickening or contraction of the arteries, usually accompanied by hardening. The heart has to pump much harder in order to force the blood through the decreased blood vessels, so the name of high blood pressure is given to this condition. Because of the hardening of these arteries, they cannot expand as they should when the blood is being pumped through them, and occasionally one of the walls breaks and blood escapes. When this occurs, a clot or thrombus, as it is called, is formed. This clot may lodge in the brain, thus cutting off messages to parts of the body, the condition being known as a stroke or, if a clot happens to lodge in the heart, it cuts off the free flow of the blood to or from the heart, causing a terrible spasm of pain, or even death itself.

Monkeys fed on a diet deprived of Vitamin B-6, or Pyridoxine, from five and a half to sixteen months, all developed hardening of the arteries. Another group of monkeys received Pyridoxine and did not develop this disease. The hardening of the arteries in the first group, progressed much the same as in humans; the inner lining loosening and the cells multiplying and thus decreasing the size of the arteries with the resultant condition which we know as high blood pressure. It took a relatively long time to create this condition, just as it does in humans.

This lack of Vitamin B-6 is one of the causes of the weakening of the walls of the arteries, but there are probably many causes. However, in all diseases, we find first, a weakening of the cells and next, waste deposits in those weakened cells. In recent years, it has been discovered that a certain waxy substance called CHOLESTEROL deposits on the inside of the blood vessels which makes them thicken and harden. Deposits of calcium also has the same effect. Have you ever noticed in an arthritic, calcium always settles in the weakest part - where there has been a previous injury, perhaps.

B-vitamins are in abundance in whole grains. Therefore when refined grains products are eaten, Unbleached Flour(this is not whole grain flour), White Flour, White Rice, White Pasta, these all are causing degeneration of your cardiovascular system leading to various diseases of this system. What God has put together let no man put asunder. Grains were made by God to be eaten whole and when ground to meal or flour when all the parts are kept together you insure healthy results in their intake.

As sodium tends to keep calcium in proper solution, it is very important that the diet consists of a great deal of the foods containing this element. After the calcium has settled, it is almost impossible to EAT enough of the sodium foods to do a great deal of good, as the stomach can hold only a small quantity of the bulky vegetables; then too, the vegetables have to be chewed, digested and absorbed before they are taken into the blood stream.

In the form of raw vegetable juices, there is no chewing and practically no digestion required. Within fifteen minutes after drinking them, they are taken into the blood stream and carried through the arteries and the organic minerals, direct form the live plants, sometimes accomplish seeming miracles in taking back into solution the deposits along the walls of the arteries or veins. However, these juices must be entirely free of pulp, or hours may elapse before they are taken into the blood stream. Best results are also obtained when the juices are taken on an empty stomach. High blood pressure usually responds to a combination of carrot, celery, and beet juice in a remarkably short time.

High blood pressure is often found in connection with nephritis, gout, and diseases of the heart, and in all those conditions which are the result of over-feeding combined with lack of exercise, or with worry. Meat eaters have invariably a higher blood pressure than vegetarians.

Summing up, the chief causes of this condition are:

1. The over-consumption of fats, starches, meats and rich foods.

2. The use of stimulating drinks such as black tea, coffee, caffeinated energy drinks and alcohol.

3. Stimulating foods such as seasoned and spiced foods, tobacco and drugs.

  1. A lack of the natural foods which contain the necessary elements to prevent the depositing of calcium and cholesterol in the arterial walls.

  1. B-vitamins are found in abundance in the bran of grains. Therefore it is necessary to eat everything whole grained to prevent degeneration of the cardiovascular system. In other words, B-vitamins help in maintaining the structure of your tissues. Remember your food provides the building blocks for every component of the body therefore if the B-vitamins or other elements are missing your body cannot carry out its daily repair when you sleep 6+ hours every night.

Through the process of breathing, oxygen is taken into the system. This oxygen combines with the waste matter to form carbon dioxide. If we do not get rid of this waste matter, nature increases the blood pressure to force the blood to the lungs to absorb more oxygen. In kidney diseases nature raises the blood pressure so that more blood will be forced through the diminished blood vessels there to clean out the accumulations of wastes. Thus we see how nature is always trying to correct any condition which would interfere with the body’s normal actions. In order to assist nature in her attempt to correct this condition, we must first help her in her task of cleansing the body of waste deposits.

First, cleanse the body, then build up good healthy cells which can do their work of keeping the body functioning properly.

A fast should be undertaken for one to seven days, depending upon the severity of the case and upon the tolerance of the patient. During this time, nothing should be taken but the juices of fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, apples and a combination of carrot, celery, and beet.

Every night of the fast, an enema, consisting of warm water and the juice of half a lemon, should be taken to cleanse the body of the poisons and wastes which are being loosened by the action of the juices. Alternate your enemas with Dandelion, Burdock or Bayberry tea.

After the fast, the diet should consist of nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for at least two weeks longer. No starch, fat, or protein whatsoever should be taken during this period.

It will be astonishing to most people to note the result they will obtain in this length of time, but it is simply a matter of cooperating with the body and assisting, instead of hindering its effort to help the body right itself.

After the restricted diet, other things may be added to the diet then consisting of the following: Fruits and vegetables, both raw and cooked, raw fruit juices, raw vegetable juices in generous amounts and, whole grain: bread and cereals(without additives & preservatives).

The following is a list of foods to be avoided:
butter, cream, ice-cream, milk, cooked free fats/oils, meat, fish, seafood, egg yolk, lard, heart, liver, kidneys, sweet breads, oysters, crabs, shrimp, lobster, fish liver oils, fat meats such as bacon, pork, sausages, or gravies, and chocolate or foods containing chocolate.

A liquid oil may be used in place of butter. Use 2 Tbs. of olive oil or flaxseed oil daily if used cold on breads and salad. But never, ever cook with oil!

Salt should be strictly limited to one tsp. daily. Tap water should be avoided, using distilled water. Sea salt with natural minerals can be used without a problem.

A hot Epsom salts bath, using 2 1/2 lb. of commercial Epsom salts to the bath, should be taken nightly for the first week, just before going to bed. Remain immersed in this bath for 15 minutes, massaging every part of the body. This promotes circulation and perspiration (thus assisting nature in the work of ridding the body of waste matter through the pores of the skin) and also relaxes the nerves. In severe cases where the patient cannot help themselves, a plastic sheet should be placed on the bed, and the patient wrapped in a cotton sheet wrung out of cold water, then in the plastic sheet. Place 3 or 4 hot water bottles around them and cover them well with blankets. This wet pack promotes elimination through the skin, relaxes the arterial tension and induces sleep. The patient should remain in the wet pack for several hours or all night if desired. See Water Therapy Manual.

When able, a daily walk is excellent, gradually increasing the distance. Breathe deeply while walking, as this relaxes the nerves, and learn to put out of the mind all worries or destructive thoughts. Every afternoon, take a rest. Some times a cloth wrung out of cold water and placed on the forehead will assist in putting all exciting thoughts out of the mind. Reading of good constructive books assists in keeping the mind cheerful. No novels, fiction, science fiction, spiritualistic/occult books. We have found the Bible works the best in conjunction with Ministry of Healing, Steps to Christ, The Desire of Ages, Christ Object Lessons, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, Patriarchs and Prophets. Contact us if you are not aware of where to obtain a copy of these books.

A combination of carrot, beet and celery (with emphasis on the celery juice), is very beneficial. The drink should be made palatable so the person may take copious amounts of it, taking at least two quarts daily. Garlic with Lemon is also very helpful and may be added to the juice, or garlic capsules may be taken in addition to the juice(if raw garlic & lemon cannot be tolerated).

When unable to get natural sunshine, Vitamin D should be taken through sun lamp treatments, as the body cannot utilize the calcium except in the presence of Vitamin D.
On December 4, 1949, there appeared in the Lewiston Tribune, in Lewiston, Idaho, a report of a prominent Philadelphia heart specialist.

Dr. Edward L. Bortz stated that: The average person does not take care of himself. He takes too few baths, eats too much of the wrong kind of food, and generally over-stuffs, passes up exercise and doesn’t bother to relax. He said that was what really kills them. They wear out their bodies 30 years too soon.

Blood vessel breakdown causes four times as many deaths as cancer, and this means that people are just worn out, run down by neglect.
Heart failure, strokes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, coronary thrombosis - all are variations of blood vessel breakdown. Dr. Bortz recommends Health Conservation or preventive medicine. He said, The whole philosophy must be changed from curing people after they get sick to one of keeping them from getting sick at all. He said this should start right in the schools in the kindergartens, if possible.

Dr. Bortz said, The life span of the individual could be increased 30%; he could live to be 100 easily by correct living. Actually, the life span today is no longer than in the days of Christ. In the United States, the people are overfed. If Americans would cut down on eating 50%, they would live longer and be healthier. The average person thinks that plenty of food gives him health. That’s a mistake mainly because so much of today’s food is fatty. Fat causes most blood vessel breakdown. Dr. Bortz, who is past president of the American Medical Association and chief of medical service at Lankenau Hospital, is recognized as an authority in this field. He said that Health Conservation should be one of the major projects in every community.

DO NOT EAT UNTIL YOU ARE FULL. FOR HEART CONDITIONS IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU STOP EATING BEFORE YOU ARE STUFFED. Digestion causes the most strain on the heart of any activity except for sex. Therefore temperance is of the utmost importance here. Stop eating about 5-15 minutes before you anticipate you will be full. You will notice a big difference in the heart rate after following this method. The heart needs rest to recover its strength, which means less heart beats.

The response of high blood pressure to the use of juices and proper diet is becoming common knowledge. The first thing a modern doctor does nowadays is to put a high blood pressure patient on a diet. The use of the raw juices usually speeds up the recovery tremendously.

High blood pressure is not a disease, but a body’s defensive and corrective measure initiated to cope with pathological conditions in various functions of the body, such as general toxemia, impaired kidney functions, glandular disturbances, defective calcium metabolism, degenerative changes in arteries (arteriosclerosis), overweight, and emotionally caused dysfunction in vaso-motor mechanism, etc.
Nutrition or other programs suggested below are aimed at removing the cause of high blood pressure.


Emphasis on low sodium high potassium foods: vegetables, fruits, whole seeds; best cereals are: Millet, Buckwheat, Oats and Rice.

Eat plenty of raw green leafy vegetables and raw fruits: watermelons are beneficial (eaten by themselves, seeds included as your evening meal). Garlic specifically for high blood pressure, eat a lot of it. Garlic and Buckwheat are rich in rutin.

Do not overeat, remember obesity is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.

Do a juice fast for three to five days. This is most effective for high blood pressure, bringing about, in most every case, a sharp reduction in the systolic pressure in a short period of time.

Vegetable and fruit juices and vegetable broth will supply blood and tissues with the important mineral, potassium, which helps to eliminate accumulated sodium (salt) from the tissues. A juice fast also normalizes and corrects most other disturbances and malfunctions in the body which might be contributing causes to the elevated pressure.

Note: For those who for some reason cannot fast, a watermelon diet for a week (eat nothing but watermelon for one week 3 meals a day) can be tried. If you prefer any other type of fruit may be substituted. For example: Apples, Grapes, Cherries, Strawberries, Oranges, Grapefruits, Pears, Pineapple, Kiwi, etc.

Brown rice/fruit diet is also shown to be effective; eat nothing but whole cooked brown rice and cooked and raw fruits for one or two weeks.

Dry brush massage morning and evening. Lots of exercise, walking and deep-breathing exercise.

High blood pressure patients should exercise as much as possible, starting with mild exercises and walking, gradually increasing their length each day.

Vitamin B-3(Niacin) 100 mg 3x daily
Vitamin B-6 100 mg 3x daily
Vitamin C: 3,000-5,000 mg 2x daily.
Chromium 10 grams daily
Magnesium: 500 mg 2 x daily.
Vitamin E: 400-600-800 IU, start with 400 and end with 800 IU 1x daily.
(The above supplements are recommended only to start for the first month. Then your reliance should be on the raw foods, juices, etc.

Drink one pint of vegetable green juice daily and 1 quart of carrot juice daily.
Potassium: Vegetable broth. See 7-Day Super Cleanse
CoQ 10 100 mg daily for 3 weeks
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1000 mg a day
Cayenne 1 capsule 3x per day(90,000 HU or more)
Lily of the Valley 3 capsules 3x per day
Lecithin(Non-GMO) 1 T twice per day
Brewer’s Yeast 1 T with each meal

What You Can Do:
  1. Take a hot Epsom Salt bath, adding 2 1/2 lbs of Epsom salts to the bath nightly for the first week, just before going to bed. Remain immersed for 15 minutes massaging every part of the body to promote circulation and perspiration(thus assisting nature in the work of ridding the body of waste matter through the pores of the skin) and relaxes the nerves.
  2. In severe cases where the person cannot help themselves, a plastic sheet should be placed on the bed, and the patient wrapped in a cotton sheet wrung out of cold water, then in the plastic sheet. Place 3 or 4 hot water bottles around them and cover them well with blankets. The wet pack promotes elimination through the skin, relaxes the arterial tension and induces sleep. The person should remain in the wet pack for several hours or all night if desired.
  3. If able buildup to a 45 minute walk after each meal or early in the morning. Also practice taking at least 20 deep breathes 3 times per walk. Memorize scripture(complete Psalms or Chapters if possible) while walking, learning to put worrisome thoughts out of the mind by focusing on memorizing scripture or praying.
  4. Place a cold towel on the forehead to help put away nervous, anxious thoughts and read the Bible or an E. G. White Book or a good book about a personal testimony of God’s deliverance of someone. These are extremely encouraging and uplifting of the mind reducing stress and anxiety which will accelerate recovery.


Whole Grains: always use 100% Whole Grain in cooking or products you buy
~Wheat, Oats, Brown Rice, Millet, Rye, Kamut, Quinoa, Buckwheat, etc.
Raw Vegetables

Herbs that Help - Daily
Hawthorn Berry
Angelica Root
Butcher’s Broom
Cayenne(90,000 H.U. or higher) DO NOT COOK it. Use it raw or dry.
Garlic, raw in Lemon, Grapefruit or Orange Juice

Food that should NOT be eaten

Do Not cook with free oils; stir-frying, deep frying, or broiling, etc; oils inhibit digestion
Eliminate animal products; these all are difficult to digest
Meat, Seafood
Dairy: Cheese, Eggs, Milk, Yogurt
Sugar: surprisingly has no cholestrol but it increases cholestrol in the blood stream bringing it from the cells into the blood, it also prevents restoration and healing of the veins & arteries.

To get started with this program purchase the materials necessary for the Bowel Cleanser listed below or you can purchase the AIM Herbal Fiberblend product. With these combine it with 1 Tablespoon of Sonne’s 7 for pulling out additional toxins. Also follow the 7-Day Super Cleanse outlined on a separate document.

No Enema Bowel Cleanser
Psyllium 1 lb.
Alfalfa 1/3 lb.
Slippery Elm 1/3 lb.
Apple Pectin 1/3 lb.
Mandrake 3 Tbsp.
Agar Agar 1/3 lb.
Mix together and take one Tbsp. in 4 oz. of juice. Shake up five times and drink right down.

~Your intestinal cleansing is best done at least in the morning upon rising and just before you sleep. You may have a need for 1-2 other times during the day also.

Additional Therapies that can be very helpful.
One of the below should be done every day 5-6 days per week.
Temped Bath
Salt Glow
Hot Foot Bath with Fomentations to the back and/or chest.
~See The Water Therapy Manuel by Vance Ferrell on the document downloads page.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD:Cardiovascular Program

If you still have further questions call for further lifestyle consultation.



About five years ago, a woman came to see me. She thought she had hepatitis. She wanted to know how serious it was, and if there was any treatment for it. I asked why she thought she had it. She said she was having flu-like symptoms. In a few days, she began to turn yellow. She had been exposed to someone with hepatitis about three months ago. I explained that a very rare case of hepatitis could be fatal, but the vast majority recovered.

What You Can Do:

1. Take 15,000 mg. of Vitamin C daily for two weeks.

2. Take NO ENEMA INTESTINAL CLEANSER three times daily. See Bowel Cleanser.

3. Take 1 tsp. of Echinacea twice daily.

4. Take Pau D’Arco - 10 capsules daily.

5. Blend 10 garlic bulbs and freeze. Take one tsp. twice daily.

6. Take 20 drops of tincture of Oregon Grape Root twice daily.

  1. Drink three cups of Peach Leaf tea daily.

  1. Take 1 Tbs of fresh Aloe Vera gel at each meal.

9. Mix the following:

Barberry Root - 1 Tbs.
Wild Yam - 1 Tbs.
Dandelion - 1 Tbs.
Licorice Root - 1 Tbs.
Milk Thistle - 1Tbs.
Shittake Mushrooms - 1 Tbs.
Licorice root should be used carefully because it can have significant side effects, including high blood pressure, salt and water retention, and potassium loss. It also can have potentially dangerous interactions with medications such as diuretics, certain heart medications, and corticosteroids.

Mix the above herbs and place one ounce in one pint of water to make tea. Let simmer for ten minutes. Strain. Drink three ounces three times daily.

Diet Consideration:
1. Eat raw vegetables and fruits for two to four weeks. Especially organic berries and other juicy fruits.

2. Drink green drinks (like greens, parsley etc.), carrot juice and beet juice and especially Butternut Squash. Start this diet with a cleansing fast, using the NO ENEMA INTESTINAL CLEANSER

3. Avoid all fats, alcohol, sugar, highly processed foods, eating meats (no animal protein), and no dairy products.

4. Use chlorophyll enemas, three times weekly. Use one pint and retain for fifteen minutes.

5. Eat plenty of Artichokes, 3-5 times per week. You can to take a dried herbal type preparation for increased potency if available to you.

Never mix fruits and vegetables at the same meal time. Never drink with meals. You should get plenty of exercise and fresh air.

No Enema Bowel Cleanser
Psyllium 1 lb.
Alfalfa 1/3 lb.
Slippery Elm 1/3 lb.
Apple Pectin 1/3 lb.
Mandrake 3 Tbsp.
Agar Agar 1/3 lb.
Mix together and take one Tbsp. in 4 oz. of juice. Shake up five times and drink right down.

Recommended Therapies
Douches over the Liver
Hot Foot Bath
Fever Bath
Cold Mitten Friction
Salt Glow
Wet Sheet Wrap
Hot Foot Bath w/Fomentations to the Back/Spine & Chest/Liver

Disclaimer: These lifestyle principles are for guidance, not diagnosis or treatment and comes with no guarantees but can be used to maintain body functions.
Click to Download:Hepatitis Lifestyle Program

Herpes Simplex Type II(Genital Herpes)
Genital Herpes Virus in the Nerve ganglia; Herpes I Virus;
Blisters in 1-2 days, becoming open genital ulcers. Ulcers last 2 weeks or longer. From poor immune response, stress, sickness, menstruation, cold or fatigue. Herpes II virus in a pregnant woman may develop into fatal encephalitis requiring Caesarian Section; The same virus may cause cervical cancer; 10% of women shed the virus from their cervix, yet have no visible symptoms.

What You Can Do:
  1. First Two Days: Soak a flannel cloth in 1-cup Castor oil, place on warts, cover with plastic and a heating pad for 1 hour daily.
  2. Second Two Days: Apply Mandrake tincture on alternate days on small areas of warts.
  3. Third Two Days: Apply Poke Root tincture for two days. Continue applying Castor Oil, Mandrake, Poke Root for 2 to 3 weeks.
  4. Mix the following tinctures all together and take 5 drops in water 3 times per day:

Balm 2 drops
Comfrey 2 drops
Hyssop 2 drops
Licorice 3 drops
Marjoram 1 drop
Mint Oil 1 drop
Uva Ursi 2 drops
Echinacea 4 drops
Ginseng 2 drops
Tea Tree Oil 1 drop

  1. Take warm Soda Bath, add 1 cup of Soda to bath water 2 times weekly.
  2. Take very hot fever bath 3 times weekly.
  3. Mix 3 drops Mallow Root(tincture) and 2 drops Wild Yam(tincture) all together then take 2 times daily. If you use herbs, mix all together in 1 pint of hot water, and drink daily.
  4. Eat 85% Raw Vegetables daily.
  5. Take a simple Bowel Cleanser of Psyllium Husk powder in 4 oz of juice mix, shake and drink before it gets thick, 3 times daily.
  1. Take 3 Capsules of Senna every other day.

Vitamin B-12 500 mg 2 times daily
Vitamin C 3,000 mg 4 times daily
Vitamin E 400 IU 2 times daily
Lysine 500 mg 2 times daily
Zinc 23 mg 3 times daily
Acidophilus 1 tsp 2 times daily

EBV is the name also for MONO. It is a member of the Herpes virus family which include Herpes Simplex - which causes cold sores, genital Herpes; Herpes Zoster which causes Chicken Pox and Shingles; and CMV Cytomegalovirus, a virus that commonly infects post-transplant patients.

85% of U.S. adults have this. All Herpes viruses can have recurring infections or “reactivation.” The doesn’t eliminate the virus so it becomes dormant in cells, only to re-emerge at a later date. It infects the antibody-producing white blood cells(B-cells) and remains long after the infection is brought under control. The major concern is that EBV may later develop into Lymphproliferative disease(LPD), which is a malignant condition. As it may be responsible for Chronic Fatigue and can cause Hepatitis and damage the liver. A later event in its progress can be Burkitt’s Lymphoma and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, two rare cancers, though it is not the sole cause. Transmission is through contact with saliva of an infected person not usually by blood or air.

What You Can Do:(This is a 60-90 day program)
  1. Take Psyllium Husk powder in 4 oz of juice, shake, mix and drink before it thickens 3 times per day.
  2. Every other day take 3 capsules Senna.
  3. Drink 2 quarts of water with lemon juice per day.
  4. Take a Garlic enema. Blend 3 cloves of garlic in 12 oz of water strain and use for a retention enema, hold for 15 minutes and expel(Garlic passes through the Blood-Brain barrier).
  5. Take Vegetarian Penicillin: 2 quarts of water, add 2 washed organic un-peeled Grapefruits; 1 bulb of Garlic cut; 1 Onion, 1/3 tsp of Cayenne, 2 Organic un-peeled lemons, 1 Cup of Yarrow, blend well and take 1 cup every hour until finished.
  6. Take Hot Fever Baths 3-4 times per week elevating your temperature as high as 103˚ if possible, regulate according to the ability of the person to handle the heat and have an assistant taking your temperature every 2 minutes then take a cold shower.
  7. Do a Epsom salt rub. In a pail add enough water to make a paste rub over entire body including the face before the fever bath 3-4 times weekly.
  8. Take 5000 mg Vitamin C 2 times per day. (up to bowel tolerance; diarrhea cut back if necessary)
  9. Take 100,000 IU Beta Carotene 4 times daily. After 2 weeks, cut back to 50,000 IU daily.
  10. Take 1 T Blackstrap Molasses 3 times daily
  11. Drink Carrot and Green Juice daily 1-2 Quarts(use a green supplement if not able to get greens, Barley Green, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, etc.)
  12. Eat a large green salad with tomatoes, onions, organic bell peppers, olives(with vinegar, preservatives) and homemade dressing;(Olive oil, lemon juice, honey. sea salt, and Italian seasoning)
  13. Eat plenty of fresh fruit. Do not mix with vegetables.
  14. If you eat starches only one per meal.
  15. Homemade soups: potatoes, lentils, organic tofu soup with vegetables, etc.

Ginseng 2 Capsules per day
Bee Pollen 1 T 3 times per day
Black Walnut 2 Capsules 2 times per day
Wormwood 2 Capsules 2 times per day


Aloe Vera and AIDS
After many months of observation and reading a report by Ron Mealy on Aloe Vera concentrate, I decided to include Aloe Vera juice concentrate in my AIDS program. We found it helps with Epstein Barr and AIDS. Everyone that took the juice concentrate stated that energy increased and they were able to sleep through the night.

A team of scientists from Texas A & M University and three other institutions say that acemannan (which is a component of Aloe Vera) purified from green, spiky Aloe Vera plants, appears to help drugs such as Retrovir (zidovudine, a drug formerly known as AZT) and acyclovir (ACV) block the pathology associated with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and herpes simplex virus (HSV). They also found that the compound interfered with HIV ability to reproduce in affected cells.

Dr. Maurice C. Kemp, a virologist at Texas A & M’s college of Veterinary Medicine, said the research suggests that one-tenth the AZT dose could be administered to AIDS patients if it is given with acemannan. Kemp’s laboratory research uses cultures of cells to study how acemannan affects the way viruses attach to cells and spread once they have infected them. With my program, there is no need for AZT.



This plant of the western plains will serve mankind well into the future based on recent scientific documentation of its immune-enhancing effects. Current pharmacology indicates Echinacea is antitumor, anti-viral, and an immunostimulant. It also is effective against herpes and influenza, is used for wound healing, has been proven to activate reticulo-endothelial layer to increase alpha, beta and gama globulin (which is the formation of antibodies), and to increase the rate of phagocytosis.

An extract of Echinacea also revealed anti-viral activity. In extensive experiments the extract exhibited an action similar to interferon except, unlike interferon, the drug remains active even when stored at room temperature. Since interferon is difficult to obtain, Echinacea could prove to be a very important aid in increasing immunoproduction.

Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry leaves contain high concentrations of tannins, which is most likely responsible for the antinauseant, antivomiting, antidiarrheal, and astringent effects of this plant. Various species of Raspberry have been shown to induce ovulation, relax the uterus, act as a diuretic, stimulate immunity, kill viruses (including herpes), control glucose-induced high blood sugar, promote insulin production, kill fungi, and stimulate interferon induction.

Blue-Green Algae

Most of the recent attention to the seaweeds has centered around dextran sulfate's possible action against the AIDS virus. Dextran sulfate is created when dextran is boiled with chlorosulfonic acid. It is a sulfate ester not a sulfonic acid. Dextran sulfate has been used for more than 30 years in Japan, primarily as an intravenous drug that reduced clotting and lowers blood cholesterol. Dextran sulfate also inactivates the herpes simplex virus.

The AIDS virus-killing compounds discovered in the Blue-Green Algae are classified as sulfolipids. These lipids are found within the structures of chloroplast membranes and occur widely in other algae, higher plants and microorganisms which conduct photosynthesis.

Initial clinical trials with dextran sulfate treatment for HIV indicate a fairly frequent improvement of general well-being. Consistent changes in T-cell count were noted. A John Hopkins University study confirmed the initial results from a study at San Francisco General Hospital that dextran sulfate is poorly absorbed when given orally.

Aloe Gel

In a study on aloe by a group of researchers in the Netherlands, immune-enhancing activity was discovered. Beginning with the traditional medical uses for this plant, these workers purified an aqueous gel-extract. A highly active polysaccharide fraction was isolated from the aloe gel. This component proved active in the production of antibodies and also stimulated another aspect of the immune response (i.e., complementary activity). The authors compared the effectiveness of this gel fraction of aloe with dextran sulphate, a sulphated polysaccharide found primarily in certain seaweeds. (For about 40 years Japanese researchers have been testing dextran sulphate and ably demonstrating its anti-tumor and anti-clotting properties.)

Disclaimer: This information is for education and lifestyle purposes only. It is not for treatment or diagnosis.
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